Worldwide Data Protection and Privacy Laws

As more and more social and economic activities are conducted online, the value of privacy and data security is becoming increasingly apparent.

The collection, use, and sharing of personal information without consumers’ knowledge or consent is another major issue. In total, there are 20 regulations related to data protection in 19 countries. Of these rules, eight address the handling of personal data for marketing purposes.

With 61 percent of nations having established such laws, Africa and Asia have widely varied rates of adoption, with 61 and 57 percent. In less developed countries, the proportion is only 48%.

E-transactions Legislation Worldwide

To conduct commercial transactions online, you must have e-transaction laws that recognize the legal equivalence between paper-based and electronic forms of exchange.

Protection of the rights and freedoms of individuals, as well as the general interests of society, are guaranteed by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This international legal instrument was adopted in 1966 by 164 nations (81 percent), which include 79 developing countries and 29 Least Developing Countries.

Even though almost every European nation (44 out of 45 countries) has e-transaction regulations, and 89% in the Americas, Africans are only 61 percent of their population.

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Cybercrime Legislation Worldwide

At both the national and international levels, cybercrime is a growing issue that affects both buyers and sellers.

The number of nations that have passed cybercrime laws is up to 156 (80% of the total), with regional differences in implementation: Europe has the highest adoption rate (91 percent) and Africa the lowest (72 percent).

Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors, especially for cross-border enforcement, face a serious problem in the evolving cybercrime environment and resulting in skills gaps.

Online Consumer Protection Legislation Worldwide

Even though consumer confidence is crucial for business-to-consumer e-commerce, many developing and transition countries still lack legislation to safeguard consumers online.

In as many as 52 nations, data was not available, suggesting that one of the goals of internet consumer protection has not been achieved.

115 countries have consumer protection laws in place related to e-commerce, according to data from 142 nations. The proportion varies widely across the world, ranging from 78% in Europe to 52% in Africa and 71% in the Americas.

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